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Bed Head (lyrics)

It was an ordinary morning on an ordinary day
at least that's how it started for my family yesterday
Mamma in her kerchief Pappa's catching Z's
Everybody's sleeping its the normal day to day
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
Hungry as a hippo and wound up like a top
I figured it be straight if I whipped a little something up
Waffles in the toaster threw some java in a cup
I heard a little rustling I guess the rest of us is up
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
One by one they entered
the Fam's come marching in
I can't believe it now and I didn't believe it then
The shortest in her jammies
The tallest full of spunk
Each and every piece of hair was plain ol sticking up
Going this way that way what a crazy fuss
It was a bad case of bad head looking at us
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
Mom says call the doctor
Dad begins to call
Strutting down is teddy bear hair about 4 feet tall
Doctor Doctor tell me what do you see
(I see a bad case of bed head looking at me)
Uh oh oh no he says he's got to go
next thing I know the doctor dropped the phone
I thought I heard some laughing some giggles and some groans
I didn't know it then but its contagious through the phone
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
It was the milk man post man neighbor on a walk
Even caught the salesman going door to door!
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day

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