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Jay and Ray Rock!

Michelle's Farm

rising up first sign of dawn beat the rooster to his song pushing earth here on the farm to the table to be warmed tomatoes shining swinging on vines hear the silence any old time these days remind me of days long long ago always on my mind sweetness sunshine always on my mind my darling sunshine honey bees birds singing in trees flowers grow feel the breeze grains grow from seed to seed close to home is the dream always on my mind sweetness sunshine always on my mind my darling sunshine One Heart One Song One Hearth filled...

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The Day (lyrics)

In the morningthe sun is risingI'm reaching higherI am big and I'm strongIn the day timewe work and we playreaching highereverydayreaching higher todayIn the eveningI'm getting sleepyI hear a storyLay down my headThe Sun is shining todayreach higher each dayreach higher todayreach higher todaythe sun is shining todaythe sun is shining today 

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Fly Away (lyrics)

Up in the sky its a bird its a planehot air balloon flying weather machinefor now riding my bike will have to domy dreams of flying are oh so realsince that day I slipped on a banana peelback pedaled like a cartoon on tvfly around the house with towels as capeseven tried my mammas drapesain't ever going to stop making believe I wish i could fly awayI wish I could fly away Birds can fly and bats can toosaw a funky chicken flying at the zoobutterflies fairies bumble beesany winged critters got tricks on meairplanes birds rockets umbrellasparachutes or friends with feathersflying...

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Bed Head (lyrics)

It was an ordinary morning on an ordinary dayat least that's how it started for my family yesterdayMamma in her kerchief Pappa's catching Z'sEverybody's sleeping its the normal day to dayBad Hair DayBad Hair DayHungry as a hippo and wound up like a topI figured it be straight if I whipped a little something upWaffles in the toaster threw some java in a cupI heard a little rustling I guess the rest of us is upBad Hair DayBad Hair DayOne by one they enteredthe Fam's come marching inI can't believe it now and I didn't believe it thenThe shortest in...

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Message from Convent of the Sacred Heart

On Wednesday afternoon, following four “Music Everywhere” sessions with guest artists Ray Bryant and Jason Pharr, our fourth graders treated many LS classes to an informal jam session in the theater -- sharing their musical compositions based on percussion.   They even invited their prayer buddies up on stage!  During their musical workshop, the girls focused on teamwork, creating through collaboration, performing in a group, improvisation, composition, and recycling.  (Percussion instruments included a variety of unusual recycled household objects like coffee cans, plastic containers, mops, and brooms.)  Our performers were wonderful!!  Many thanks to Mrs. Carrasquero, to our visiting artists, and...

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