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Frog Rock


Monkey Monkey swinging on vines hanging from trees any old time somehow you remind me of someone that I know cute and cuddly and beautiful Monkey Monkey Careful do not fall you're acting crazy but its not your fault snacking on things you somehow find some days the fruit some days the rind Always on my mind Always on my mind my darling sunshine Your voice your song your heart filled with love with your heart filled up may it spill forever more Monkey Monkey one day you'll fall You're acting crazy but it's not your fault hope he'll remind...

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Woke Up (lyrics)

Woke up this morning suns up already above my headdown below I feel the earth beneath the soles of my heelsplanted firmly on the ground oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Went for a swim a feeling that somehow brings me backcurrents strong a wave that floats on in to the shoreblows the wind that lifts me up up up up aboveoh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohAnd in the night right just before I close my eyesI wish upon the first star i see in the skyI had a dream once now a dreamer am Ioh oh oh...

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